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The work of the Order is Universal, not tribal, not sectarian. It is not a cult, nor is it a religion.

The Order is unorganized meaning that this august body exists only in the Hearts of Her earthly aspirants, that individual which takes up this Work and then makes it hir Praxis. The Order is not an earthly organization of any kind. There are no leaders nor lodges. There are only individuals practicing in Secret and on the Astral Plane; a Cosmic Body dedicated to aiding in the unfolding of the current Aeon of the Sovereign Star. This Age establishes dominance of the New Order of the Ages, the Realization of the New Atlantis, by giving Birth to a Better Humanity, sovereign, individual and Omega, who will finally overturn the instrumentation of restriction: social hierarchies and the cult of the Alpha Leader.

The New Unorganized Order of the Golden Dawn (Star Lodge) is not affiliated with any earthly order or esoteric organization whatsoever. INOAA opposes nor endorses other systems of Initiation. Any member of the INOAA is completely at Liberty to become involved with any organization or Order as Willed. Thereby, INOAA develops a presence across a broad spectrum of earthly organizations and Orders. But INOAA cannot be reverse infiltrated; being completely astral, there is nothing to infiltrate.

The only way IN is to DO the WORK.

The WORK consists of monthly lessons delivered by post on Steemit.com. This is the only form instruction takes in the Order. Below are the grades of the Order. Each level in the First Order takes ONE YEAR to complete, one new lesson per month. A minimum of SEVEN years will be spent doing the Work of the First Order. Each grade requires textbooks to supplement the monthly grade papers from Headquarters.



The Order is Triune






Magister Templi


SECOND ORDER (Novus Ordo Rosae Crucis)

(Babe of the Abyss – the link)

Adeptus Exemptus


Adeptus Major


Adeptus Minor


FIRST ORDER (Novus Ordo Aurora Aurea)

(Dominus Liminis – the Portal) SPIRIT














The STUDENT is concerned with the preparations for entering the Middle Path. This includes a program of reading and physical tasks that begin to dissolve the “muscular character armoring” which plagues all humans oppressed by hierarchy under sex-negative religious beliefs. The practice of Chi Kung is adopted to train the student in circulating the Chi or Life Energy consciously. This period determines whether the aspirant really wants to make the commitment of Initiation.

The NEOPHYTE officially takes a Magical Oath, a Magical Motto, and performs the Neophyte Self-Initiation Ceremony. This Grade has no corresponding Kabbalistic Sephira on the Tree of Life. It is Probationary in nature. It is another Test to determine if the aspirant should continue forward to balance the ELEMENTS within the aspirant’s SPHERE OF SENSATION (SoS). The primary work of this Grade is the BANISHING of the ELEMENTS from the SoS so that the ordeals of Equilibration might begin. Chi Kung practice begun in Student adds Tai Chi to take control of Chi and use it towards martial objectives.

The ZELATOR begins the work of the Outer Order which is balancing the Elements within the Sphere of Sensation (SoS). The Kabbalistic Sephira of the Zelator is MALKUTH, the element is EARTH. Home, money, health, and other physical issues are the nature of the work in this grade. The Zelator builds the Middle Pillar in the Kabbalistic world of Assiah inside the SoS. Other earthly tasks and martial skills are introduced and mastered.

The THEORICUS works in the sphere of YESOD and the element of AIR. AIR is the realm of the rational mind, the ego, and social life. Focus is directed towards thoughts, beliefs, and automatic behaviors. The Theoricus builds the Middle Pillar in the Kabbalistic world of Yetzirah inside the SoS. Other aerial tasks and martial skills are introduced and mastered.

The PRACTICUS works within the sphere of HOD and the element of WATER. WATER is the root of human adaptibility, to emotion, to intuition, and to the tools with which the magi does magick. The core of magical power is revealed: strongly charged internal visualizations can produce external changes to the “outside” universe. The Art and Science of causing Results in one’s life. The Practicus builds the Middle Pillar in the Kabbalistic world of Briah inside the SoS. Other watery tasks and martial skills are introduced and mastered.

The PHILOSOPHUS works within the sphere of NETZACH and the element of FIRE. FIRE is the root of Power and Passion, the drive to be successful while engaging in Life actively. The Philosophus builds the Middle Pillar in the Kabbalistic world of ATZILUTH inside the SoS. Other fiery tasks and martial skills are introduced and mastered.

The DOMINUS LIMINIS represents the PORTAL or LINK to the SECOND ORDER. There is no corresponding sephira on the Tree of Life. Dominus Liminis represents the “fifth” element called SPIRIT. Here the analysis process of the four elemental grades is reversed, inverted. The balanced elements of one’s psyche are now recombined and “solved.” Now the Magician is ready to begin the central work of the SECOND ORDER, acquiring the Knowledge and Conversation of the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL (HGA). A detailed outline of the tasks necessary to penetrate into the SECOND ORDER are provided. Other tasks and martial skills of the VOID are introduced and mastered.

To begin your STUDENT YEAR, click here.


The Secret Astral Chiefs of the Order


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  1. In my experience, most “orders” in the modern era are cults of personality and focused on the glorification of the Leader, not the attainment of the members. In the INOAA, there is no human agenda that can pollute the Work. You will only get out of it what you put into it. Dilettante-level efforts will breed dilettante effects.

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